Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ketchie Creek Bakery and Cafe - YUM!!

On Friday, July 9th, Beth and I went to Mocksville, North Carolina to check out Ketchie Creek Bakery and Cafe. We truly went for the dessert; the sandwich was just the prelude we thought. But, as is usually the case when we think too much, we were delightfully surprised by the lunch offerings as well as the desserts. Gerald Welborn (co-owner) greeted us as we walked into the deli area. Beth ordered a #7 roast beef with horseradish sauce and German potato salad, and I had the #9 pastrami with provolone. Both sandwiches and the side of German potato salad were GREAT! I was thrilled with the pastrami (of which I am very picky) and impressed with the variety of items they served on their breakfast and lunch menus.

Once lunch was over, we bellied-up to the dessert cases to see the delectable sweets that were at our choosing. My eyes fell quickly on the chocolate cake while Beth's went to the fresh strawberry cake. The triple chocolate cake was perfectly moist with a double layer of chocolate icing. It was all I could do not to lick the plate clean! Only my mother-in-law's chocolate cake comes close to the wonderful taste of this one. The fresh strawberry cake consisted of vanilla cake (dense and moist), whipped creme icing, and fresh strawberries. It was light and WOW! (see picture to right)

We left the bakery with a Ketchie Creek signature five-flavor pound cake with cream cheese icing, a Wonder Bar (pictured), and a coconut macaroon bar. Admittedly, the Wonder Bar and the coconut macaroon bar never made it out of the car! Both were a mixture of flavors that equalled heaven!

Ketchie Creek Bakery and Cafe is very easy to get to off I - 40 W heading to Statesville from Winston-Salem. It took us about twenty-five "easy" minutes to get there. The directions on Mapquest were accurate and the bakery faces the street, so we didn't have to hunt for it. The hours of operation are Monday - Thursday, 7 am to 6 pm; Fridays, 7 am to 7 pm; and Saturdays, 7 am to 5 pm. The website,, is dangerous to peruse if you are on a serious (or not so serious) diet. After checking out the website, I was so craving sweet stuff that when we arrived I wolfed down my sandwich to get to the wonders housed in the dessert cases. In addition to incredible desserts and cookies to taste, Ketchie Creek also does a big cake-to-order business. Pictures of some of their cakes are on the website.

Gerald (pictured below with Beth) and Renna Welborn have been the owners of Ketchie Creek for the last two years. As you can see from the photos, the bakery/deli is very brightly colored and whimsically decorated. The service was as wonderful as the food, with no less than seven people behind the counters at any one time.

The address for Ketchie Creek Bakery and Cafe is 844 Valley Road, Mockville, NC, 27028. The phone number is 336-751-9147.

Overall, our experience was FANTASTIC while we were at the bakery and once we got home! Another "winner-of-a-choice" for Our State magazine! Our next blog will come from the coast in about a week.

We will keep you posted on our delectable journey across North Carolina.


  1. looks like my comment didn't show up so here I am again. Great idea and what fun! Call me if you need additional taste buds!
    Martha Ann

  2. I am trying to hit all the Our State 100s too. But, I also blog about other things I love about NC. - just visited Ketchie's on Saturday